The Old Red Brick Co. recycles both sandstone and bluestone.  Our stone is recycled on site to avoid causing damage to it via loading with heavy equipment.  It is stacked on pallets that hold between 3 to 5 square metres.


The most common varieties of stone available are rock-faced sandstone and basket range sandstone.  Occasionally we may also have hen-pecked sandstone, bluestone or limestone in stock.


Our stone is excellent if you are attempting to match existing stonework; whether it be to repair salt-damp or as an addition to the rear or side of a dwelling.  It can also be used for feature walls, front fences, retaining walls, and other landscaping.


Old Red Brick Co. recycles a selective range of timber, primarily floorboards.

The main types of recycled floorboards that we stock are (in order of quantity):

Red Baltic Pine Flooring (Pinus sylvestris)

Red Baltic Pine is a European softwood with a red to yellow/brown heartwood, creamy white sapwood, a fine grain and generally tight knots.  The fine grain of the timber is due to the slow growing nature of the tree.  It can be distinguished from White Baltic (Picea abies) or Norway Spruce by the heartwood which is white instead of red.  The majority of Baltic Pine that we recycle from old houses is Red Baltic Pine as opposed to White Baltic Pine.  It can also be distinguished from the more common Radiata Pine due to the tightness of its grain of timber.

Red Baltic Pine was commonly used in flooring in houses constructed in Adelaide from 1900 up until the late 1950s.

Our Baltic Pine is ideal for the repair or replacement of existing damaged flooring in heritage houses, as well as for use in both heritage and modern renovations.

We sort our Baltic Pine by length, width and thickness; docking it at intervals of 100mm.  The Baltic Pine which we sell as flooring is commonly between 20mm – 22mm in thickness.  Subject to supply, occasionally we may have a thicker Baltic Pine of approximately 28mm.

While new Baltic Pine is cheaper to source than recycled Baltic Pine, it will not achieve the same consistency when installed alongside existing older Baltic Pine due to differences in colour and grain size.  The difference is also particularly noticeable when repairing termite damaged flooring.  New Baltic Pine also has a wider grain than recycled Baltic Pine, which detracts from the character of the timber.

Commonly stocked sizes:

150mm x 20mm
150mm x 28mm